Top 10 Indian Social Media Campaigns of 2012

top 10

There have been so many great Indian Social Media campaigns in 2012. However, I have hand picked the ones that  felt were not only innovative but also successful in terms of their metrics, but also generated a lot of eyeballs:


1. Kotak Mahindra Save with Subbu

kotak mahindra save with subbu

One of the best and most vital functions that any brand associated with money can perform is to improve financial awareness. So, Kotak Mahindra’s initiative may go a long way in breaking that mindset.

The best part was that the filtering by the brand ensured the quality of content on the app. The response appeared to be really good.

2. Drive with MTV – Campaign Review

mtv nano drive

 MTV India partnered with Tata Nano. The user generated content in this campaign was a good mix of updates, videos and visuals, just enough to keep the audience engaged for a long time. In this particular scenario, the content created on the go was commendable and highly presentable. Content execution definitely deserves applause.

The social angle given to this campaign by MTV takes the whole experience of an online reality show to a new level. The concept was a modified version of previously tried and tested campaigns.

3. Reliance 3G Tweet-a-Tab contest

Reliance 3G Tweet-a-Tab contest

This campaign was integrated Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps effectively. Of course the hashtag #Reliance3GTabInMumbai trended no. 1 in India on the first day itself (and was trending for Kolkata and Indore too) but that’s not what sets it apart, what’s notable is the way it engaged the users and influenced Facebook users to Tweet.

Not only this, they integrated YouTube video in the campaign by interviewing the winners and sharing it with their community on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Bombay High’s Tweet-Bid Campaign

 Bombay High’s Tweet-Bid Campaign

Unlike other Twitter hashtag campaigns where the brand offers surprise ‘gifts’, Bombay High showed you the product right at the beginning. So you know what you are trying to win and are not kept in the dark.

Also, the brand had done a great job of linking their product website with Twitter. Allowing the participants to tweet from within the offer page ensures that they stay on their website.

5. HomeShop18′s Land of Luck

HomeShop18′s Land of Luck

The best thing about the campaign were the graphics. They were really catchy and highly engrossing. The game play itself was interesting and kept users engaged for a far longer duration. I like the way how each levels unfolded one after the other.

Another masterstroke was the way how HomeShop18 had made the brand connect in level 2, Mall of Luck. By giving the users a feel of shopping within the HomeShop18 Mall and then asking them to go to HomeShop18′s site and browse for the products was really ingenious.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece

Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece

The campaign that is still running  is an attempt to creating digital art piece that will break the Guinness World Records title for the most artists contributing to a single art piece. And guess what? They are successful in breaking the record!

The campaign promotes Galaxy Note II and its unique features like its Pen Stylus that allows users to embrace their artistic sides. Motivating the creative spark in customers and valuing their creativity, certainly improves customer experience.

The applications offers a number of user friendly options at your fingertips to create a piece of art. It is not only designed very well but also easy to use with very good user interface.

Inviting consumers to visit any of the Samsung Digital Plazas, Samsung Smartphone Cafe’s and Samsung Experience Zones in order to participate in the campaign drives foot fall. It also encourages them to have a hands on experience of the phone.

7.  Surf Excel’s Fulfill a Wish

Surf Excel’s Fulfill a Wish

The campaign was generating content that users would want to share. It is well promoted on other platforms. Not only the concept, but also the interface, design, look and feel of the application is up to the mark which earns it extra brownie points!

8. Radio KFC RJ hunt

Radio KFC RJ hunt

The concept was very innovative.The application was designed very well with a good interface and execution. It was not only visually appealing but also user friendly. It engaged its users by giving them an enjoyable experience

 9. Cadbury Celebration’s India Celebrates

cadburry celebrations india celebrates

With this campaign, Cadbury not only stimulated engagement but also cultivated and cherished brand loyalty. It is gave a memorable, joyous experience to its target audience by becoming a part of of their endearing relationships.

Cadbury also attempted to subtly promote the Celebrations range to the mithai loving Indian market as a typical gift for a festive occasion.

The application was  well constructed and articulately integrated with the other marketing efforts by Cadburry.

Cadbury was encouraging its set of audience to catch up with their loved ones with little joys that we keep overlooking for the remaining part of the year. It was making its customers feel touched by its generosity. In my opinion its was a win win campaign!

10. Last but not the least, my favourite! Louis Philippe’s Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe:

Louis Philippe’s Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe

Mystery of the stolen wardrobe is one of the most engaging and interactive Facebook applications in recent times. The design, look and feel of the application is simply superb!

It has an interesting story-line and the ability to investigate the crime scene for clues and analyze those clues gives the user a feel and experience of being a detective.

The campaign goes beyond showcasing the new collection; it also subtly promotes the brand’s exclusiveness. The Butler stealing his master’s collection reinforces the aspirational image of the brand.

A slideshow of the Winter Collection is a great way of integrating product display in the game play. Moreover, the integration of a phone call in the campaign is a great way to keep track of the game play and can also be used by the brand to build a user database that they can target via SMS marketing. And it adds up to the feel of being a detective.

The phone call is the masterstroke! The look and feel of the game and its integration with their collection makes it a win!

It is really great to see Indian brands coming up with such interesting campaigns.

So this was a round up the the best India social media campaigns of 2012. We hope to see more such innovative campaigns in the year ahead!

Do you have any other campaign in your mind that has not made it in the list? Please feel free to share if I have missed you favorite one!


A marketer by heart and entrepreneur by mind, Nirali belongs to the digital-first generation. When she's not observing brands and their marketing strategies, she sketches, dances, captures moments in photographs and gorges on street food. You can follow her thoughts and musings on Twitter at: @NiraliHingwala