Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Paralympics, Money Heist, & more

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Sep 03, 2021 12:11 IST
Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Paralympics, Money Heist, & more

Here’s to another week of social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Flipkart Seller Hub's new campaign, Janmashthami 2021 campaigns, and the #BrandSaga of Kerala Tourism digital advertising, and much more.

Social Media Campaigns

Flipkart Seller Hub releases campaign targeting potential sellers across India

With its latest campaign, ‘Bachon Ka Khel Hai’, Flipkart Seller Hub released a series of three brand films to highlight platform features that make online businesses seamless, targeting potential sellers across the country. Read more here.

PhonePe creates intrigue with a cryptic equation for its anniversary campaign

As PhonePe turned 5, the platform created chatter and excitement by posting a mathematical equation on Twitter to decipher a coded, hidden message for the brands and the users. Read more here.

Pepsi releases campaign for Money Heist finale in official partnership with Netflix

Ahead of the premiere of Part 1 of the series finale of Money Heist on Netflix, Pepsi unveiled a limited edition set of golden cans inspired by the series through a digital video campaign. Read more here.

KFC ropes in The Great Khali for new Double Down Burger campaign

KFC rolled out the campaign in phases – in the first phase, The Great Khali was seen trying on new hobbies, creating intrigue, while the second phase revealed the KFC Double Down burger being the reason behind Khali’s new-found interests. Read more here.

Raymond advocates the ‘Joy of Giving’ through latest initiative

In collaboration with ‘Goonj’, Raymond released its ‘Look Good, Do Good’ initiative to help donate garments to those in need through both online and offline mediums, across India. Read more here.

NiyoX’s money anthem #SmartChuNiyo ft. Benny Dayal sends across a lyrical message

In a bid to simplify decisions around spending, and investing, the NiyoX campaign attempts to demystify financial planning for millennials through its latest anthem featuring Benny Dayal. Read more here.

‘Open Your Snapchat’ campaign comes to India with a localized CTA

‘Open Your Snapchat’ features a range of popular Indian phrases & daily lingo which translate into quirky, immersive lens experiences for Snapchatters. Read more here.

LEAD highlights an #OutOfSyllabus phase for schools this Teacher’s Day

Conceptualized by TBWA\India, LEAD’s campaign highlights the #OutOfSyllabus phase for the Indian education system, ripe with challenges owing to the pandemic and salutes the resilient spirit of the school owners who upheld the ecosystem, this Teacher’s Day. Read more here.


Advertising has a circle of life moment as delivery apps redefine celebrity endorsements

Ripples and buzz created by CRED with their star-studded ads, seem to have caused a change in the winds for delivery apps on social media as they too take a celebrity heavy approach, amidst all the advocacy for influencer and moment marketing, this form of celebrity endorsements come across as an unanticipated change. Read more here.

Role Of Maharashtra In Biscuits Category: How Parle Marie went hyperlocal with its Marathi campaign

Parle Marie rolled out a hyperlocal Marathi campaign for the Maharashtra Market as a part of its Jithe Story Tithe Parle Marie regional marketing strategy. How the brand’s hyperlocal strategy came about? We find out…Read more here.

Malkist Social Media Strategy: A focus on new flavours in the cluttered biscuit market

Achyut Kasireddy sheds light on how the brand is using social media to drive consumers to sample the product, while creating affinity for their flavours which is a major USP of the brand in the cluttered biscuits market. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Kerala Tourism, a testimony to the power of storytelling in the digital world

The concluding part of the Kerala Tourism advertising journey explores how stories from the state down south, keep us on the edge of our seats every time a new campaign hits the floor. Read more here.

Marketing A Heist: The Netflix way…

As Money Heist, Season 5 releases, we take a look at its marketing strategy that commenced with the ‘Join The Resistance’ tagline back in 2017. A look at the marquee marketing tactics in place before one of the biggest releases of the season for Netflix… Read more here.

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Grofers CEO responds to social media flak on 10-minute delivery service

Albinder Dhindsa of Grofers explains the mechanism set and logistics involved to fulfill the 10-minute delivery promise, explaining the process of his offering after concerns such as rider safety and it is an “unrealistic claim” surfaced. Read more here.

Brands celebrate Janmashtami 2021 via witty creatives

From Money Heist to our childhood antics to celebrating Indian atheletes’ performance at Paralympics, brands across social media platforms have created topical spots, celebrating Janmashtami 2021. Read more here.

Paralympics campaigns that inspired generations through stories of perseverance of challenged athletes

The emotional elevation that encourages us to overcome the psychology of giving in to defeat and factual journeys that can jostle fictional narratives, here are a few Paralympics Campaigns that have stimulated athletes year after year. Read more here.

Throwback: A look at campaigns that bow to virtual teachers during difficult time

Teachers ‘ Day campaigns have been an integral part of the brand communication over the last few years and more so during the pandemic. Here’s a look at campaigns that thanked teachers for their hard work during some of the most difficult times…Read more here.

Brands creatives takeover the Money Heist moment

Fans across the realm have been engaging with the release of Money Heist Season 5, here are few brand creatives leveraging the social media mania. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Amazon Prime reimagines Rapunzel in the latest global campaign

With the campaign, Amazon Prime aims to boast modern solutions by revisiting classic story of Rapunzel connecting it with their brand ideology of “Prime Changes Everything.” Read more here.

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