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Here’s to another week of some impressive social media campaigns that were rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features social media campaigns of Nilon showcasing the love that goes into making its products, Bhima Jewellery's campaign that depicts the untold story of a transwoman.


CRED IPL 2021 campaign features Jim Sarbh & Indira Nagar Ka Gunda

In continuation with their official sponsorship with the IPL (Indian Premier League), CRED has launched their video campaign Great for the Good, consisting of a total of six ad films, to be launched over the course of the tournament. Read more here.

This Ramadan, Samaara Tea urges people to emanate kindness and do #NekiHarRoz

A heartwarming digital campaign by Samaara Tea encapsulates the need to show kindness and compassion through the holy period of Ramadan. Read more here.

Nilon’s launches ‘Isme Pyaar Mila Hai’ campaign with Pankaj Tripathi

Conceptualized by Ogilvy, Nilon’s ‘Isme Pyaar Mila Hai’ campaign consists of a series of ad films, highlighting the brand products across Television and digital platforms with Pankaj Tripathi as the face. Read more here.

Bhima Jewellery’s latest campaign depicts the untold story of a transwoman

The film, conceptualized by ANIMAL, and produced by Ransom Film, for Bhima Jewellery portrays the journey of a trans-woman and her story of acceptance into an otherwise hetero-normative role and social construct of a young woman growing up & getting married. Read more here.

CoinSwitch Kuber highlights relevance of crypto investments in India with its new campaign

Created by Nihilent, the core message of the campaign is to convey that each one of us wishes to create wealth that can be achieved through the possible simple, flexible, future-facing, and credible ways, leveraging CoinSwitch as the platform. Read more here.

Mentos introduces limited-edition ‘Say Hello’ packs with new campaign to make fresh connections

As part of the Mentos ‘Say Hello’ campaign, each candy is turned into an emoticon that aims to serve as an accompaniment to start any conversation with someone new. Read more here.

“The Bread Ad” of Magic pin targets the latest trending ad of another app

Witness Magic Pin taking a dig at another app’s latest viral ad campaign and stirs the conversation. Read more here.

Long Reads

From cashless transactions to online safety: Richa Sharma decodes PhonePe marketing strategy

With Richa Sharma from PhonePe, we attempt to decode the PhonePe marketing strategy that seemed to bring the cashless transaction to the center of the map for India. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Discovering the ‘Whirlpool of India’ the cool way

‘Whirlpool….whirlpooool..would be lying if I say that I didn’t hum the tune while writing this. The Whirlpool India advertising journey has been all things ‘cool’ through the decades of it’s existence and we couldn’t help but dive into the brand’s marketing tales to make refrigerators and air conditioners an inherent commodity for Indians. Read more here.

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Brand posts echo the roar of Indira Nagar Ka Gunda

When the Gunda rose his bat in the stadium after a stunning inning all cricket enthusiasts bowed down, and this time when he rose the bat in the jam-packed road of Indira Nagar, brand posts bowed down. Read more here.

Nivea Campaigns that humanized the little blue tin

Nivea Campaigns have made their products synonymous with human traits and skincare practices with maternal care, here we uncap the little blue tin and discern their creative approach. Read more here.

Frooti ad campaigns that give a taste of fun and exuberance to the audience

Frooti maintaining its “Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy” stardom with relatable ad campaigns over the years. We bring to you some of the iconic and quirky Frooti ad campaigns. Read more here.

IPL 2021 Campaigns line-up to bowl over cricket fans

One of the most-watched sporting leagues and effective advertising mediums, IPL 2021 is live and brands have lined up their campaigns to go for the big win. Read more here.

Bodyform campaigns that empathized with period pains, & normalized blood stains

Unpacking Bodyform campaigns that revealed the truth about menstruation, busted myths, provided tips, and aim to inspire empathy with menstruating women. Read more here.

Havells Fans ad campaigns that set their way to consumers heart through social advertising

Havells fans giving out a fresh breeze of creativity in their ad campaigns to the audience through a journey from comedy to social advertising. Read more here.

Swiggy IPL Campaigns that effectively delivered product offerings

With time-efficient campaigns, a multi-lingual approach, relatable narratives, and subtle but productive brand integrations, here is how Swiggy scored during IPL seasons. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Global Samosa: ‘Save Ralph’ to initiate awareness on animal testing

A short film ‘Save Ralph’ showcases the cruel reality of animal testing for cosmetic products across the globe. Read more here.

Global Samosa: Jockey launches ‘remundies’, undies that sends you a monthly reminder about Testicular Cancer

Jockey in collaboration with Testicular Cancer New Zealand launches “remundies”, a pair of undies that send helpful reminders via text messages about regular checkups for any sign of Testicular Cancer. Read more here.

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